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Even with a full plate,

At UF, we’re constantly finding ways to be active in the community. But even with a full plate, Gators are always hungry for more - for more chances to get involved and better ways to pursue better.


College of Journalism and Communications

When UF President Kent Fuchs had his first opportunity to announce the University of Florida’s Teacher of Year, he presented the award to Ann Christiano. “This honor is a testament to the movement Ann has built on the UF campus around public interest communications,” said Diane McFarlin, dean of the college.




Julie Meyer is a postdoctoral scientist in marine microbiology. Her research focuses on the role of microbial interactions in the health and stability of coral reefs and is performed in collaboration with the Smithsonian Marine Station. she is researching how shifts in coral microbiota are associated with Black Band Disease, a disease that kills healthy tissue in many different species of reef-building corals. She recently won national recognition from L’Oreal USA and is one of only five women in the country awarded a $60,000 grant to apply toward her research.



College of The Arts

A junior in the acting program in the College of the Arts and an Arts in Healthcare certificate candidate, Ariel Reich is busy and versatile. In addition to classes, she also devotes time to hospital patients and at the Alachua Academy, a juvenile detention center for girls. Ariel says the work at the Academy is “some of the most rewarding, powerful work I've ever done.” She is currently in the cast of “All Girl Frankenstein,” marking her professional debut.



College of Journalism and Communications

When UF President Kent Fuchs had his first opportunity to announce the University of Florida’s Teacher of Year, he presented the award to Ann Christiano. “This honor is a testament to the movement Ann has built on the UF campus around public interest communications,” said Diane McFarlin, dean of the college.

Florida’s state museum of natural history is the largest in the Southeast and one of the 10 best university museums in the country.


Home to one of the only cultural plazas of its kind, Gators can take a stroll through the state’s only natural history museum, take in a performance, or check out a Picasso.


UF has two lakes. Both are used for research and fun.


With 36 National Championship teams, you’ll have plenty of reasons to wear orange and blue.


On Saturdays in the fall, you can feel the rumble of 90,000 Gators and friends in The Swamp.

UF has over 1,000 student clubs and organizations to keep you busy.


With the Florida sun beaming down every month of the year, your pursuits at UF won’t be restricted to the classroom. And with almost 1,000 student-run organizations, expect your calendar to be full all year long. LEARN MORE

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With an active student body and an abundance of Florida sunshine, recreation is a big part of life on campus. We offer more than 60 intramural and club sports, personal training, and one of the best fitness facilities in the country. Did we mention that we have two lakes? Learn More



Whether it’s a student government that manages one of the largest budgets in the country, a student body that volunteers more than 3,000 hours of service a year, or mentoring 30 minutes a week, Gators are working for a greater purpose. 


Hough Graduate School of Business
Graduate Student

From cheering for UF at sporting events as a child to being elected student body president, Susan Webster has always been for the Gator Good. A fourth generation Gator, Webster served as an undergraduate in the Student Senate to deliver new resources to the student body. Now, as a student in the Hough Graduate School of Business, she is tackling her executive agenda. Webster strives to empower incoming students and return the favor of great mentorship she received at UF.



Fourth-year student

Department of Agricultural Education and Communication advocate. Reitz Scholar. UF Honors program member. E. T. York Jr. Medal of Excellence recipient. Those are just a few of the hats Clay Hurdle has worn during his time at UF. He is currently pursuing a dual degree in Spanish and agricultural education and communication. And just to make sure his day is full, Clay dedicates time to volunteerism and service in the community.



Third-year student

After seeing thousands of poverty-stricken children during a visit to Bangladesh, Robert Felder was determined to find a way to make better clothes available to kids. He created Bearbottom Clothing to sell affordable, high-quality shorts online and then use the revenue to fund the production in Bangladesh. A double major (business management and food & resource economics) at UF, he went on to launch the 2 Bearbottoms program at his company, which donates one pair of shorts to a child in need for every pair sold online.



Hough Graduate School of Business
Graduate Student

From cheering for UF at sporting events as a child to being elected student body president, Susan Webster has always been for the Gator Good. A fourth generation Gator, Webster served as an undergraduate in the Student Senate to deliver new resources to the student body. Now, as a student in the Hough Graduate School of Business, she is tackling her executive agenda. Webster strives to empower incoming students and return the favor of great mentorship she received at UF.



Gators’ thirst for knowledge and success can be quenched in the lab. Their hunger can be satisfied at any of our 45+ dining spots on campus, which include national brands, vegetarian and vegan options. But it’s more than just where you eat; it’s where your food comes from. On campus, we are committed to local and organic vendors, doing our part to help UF become carbon neutral by 2025.

Learn More


The on-campus water-saving laundry initiative has saved more than 7 million gallons.


UF is the first university to have its housing department be Green-certified.


UF is committed to becoming a carbon neutral campus by 2025.


The 2,000-acre UF campus is home to over 50,000 Gators, 8,600 of which live on-campus. Our 26 residence halls, 15 Living Learning Communities and six graduate communities are much more than buildings: They’re where the next world problem will be solved and where you’ll call home for the next four years. Our full-service housing department is here to make sure you feel the same way. Learn More

裸睡的丹丹 第二部分


This new residence hall houses a new super suite-style room where six residents share three bedrooms and a living room space.

Learn More


Already planning your first start-up – or your third? At Infinity Hall, you can collaborate, innovate and iterate with like-minded students in an on-site maker space and run a business from your room.

Learn More


This Living Learning Community is located in historic campus dormitories. Just like its residents, no two rooms are the same.

Learn More


Visit our Virtual Tour to see our campus through the experiences that give us a greater purpose, and learn about the locations that influence them.

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